About the Company

  • Started in 2015 with the idea of offering a broad scale freight service to the various industries needing to import or export their cargo. And with over 18 years experience in the logistics field covering various functions of the chain, we form the link between these sectors through specialized & dedicated service delivery.
  • We offer an end to end service solution with our extended reach, built up from years of relationships in the industry with reputable logistics providers, always making sure that the clients interest comes first in every aspect with piece of mind and cost control. Delivering in full and on-time is our priority and core focus.
  • Albeit that we are still in the foundation phase, our heart is big and so is our passion for service delivery. It’s what drives our ability to take on whatever task is presented to us. We firmly believe that saying yes to the smallest or most challenging task is how you earn your clients trust and respect. Through this, reputation is built and strong relationships are forged.
  • We operate throughout Southern Africa and its respective Ports and major trade cities. We service clients within the different SADC countries as well as the surroundings. Our ability to offer our services comes with our many years experience in the local Shipping, Transport, Customs & Warehousing sectors.
  • Our reach extends beyond our borders into the various SADC regions as well as across international waters, making use of the various ports in Southern Africa as well as other major African ports.
  • We have access to over 100 different cross border transport companies servicing the DRC, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Angola.
  • We have access to specialized vehicles focusing on abnormal and express movements.